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Message from the President
   I was born at a beautiful and scenic village in the southeast of mainland. Since I was a child, I have had a deep affection to land. It makes me understand that plants and grasses, flowers and seeds are gifts of land. If the land is barren, plants can’t grow well, while if the land is fertile, it would have a bumper harvest.

Unchangeable natural phenomenon has given me a deep inspiration at the beginning of development. Just the same as that plants can’t grow well without fertile land, our company can’t operate well without government’s support, our enterprise can’t be successful without customers.
Harmonious society and better investment environment that has been created by our government is the stone of Gold Phoenix development. Therefore, government is as strong backbone as towering Mountain Tai.
Customers prefer to buy our furniture, our company would become stronger and more prosperous; vice versa, the company would be at the risk of bankruptcy. Therefore, customer is our God.

Lots of dealers help us open up new channels to promote our product, make it accessible to terminal customers. Therefore, they are rainbow bridges between customers and our company.

Staffs join hands in hands with company to enlarge our enterprise with their efforts and wisdom. Without staffs’ joint efforts and strong support, Gold Phoenix couldn’t as famous as today. Therefore, staffs are our pillars of backbone.
The rapid development of Gold Phoenix should be contributed to our staffs, our customers and our society. In my heart, they are fertile soil that brings harvests. Therefore, I always have a feeling of gratitude.

Now that I appreciated them, I should treat them kindly and sincerely. I would restrict my action by what I have said, keep my promise by what I have done.

Pragmatic government, sincere customers, loyal staffs are our most precious treasury. I firmly believe that we would realize our dream by cherishing the treasury.
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